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Visual Merchandising :: Tips and Tricks

Looking to learn how to create merchandising displays that draw your shopper's interest and sell more merchandise? Read on.....

1. Change your displays monthly . Holidays and seasons only last so long, and promotional goods have a short shelf life. Feature new arrivals first.
If you ordered merchandise meant to go together, keep it together. You don’t want its first appearance to be diluted. Later, the few items that may be left can be grouped with new arrivals to give them a new look.
If you ordered red Valentine candles from one vendor, mugs from another, and teas form another, wait for them all to arrive. Don’t put the candles out first as a sole item and lose the potential add-on-sale.

2. Show off the wants. Don’t choose to highlight products the customer already needs ; those are what they are coming in for. A customer responds to things they want.
For example, don’t display the cheap hand mixer when the fancy KitchenAid is what every Emeril wannabe desires. Just because they need…

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